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(October 2020) On the occasion of Navratri, Avishkar Arts is presenting Season 1 of web series 'Vancouver नवदुर्गा '.A series dedicated to every woman. In this series we are introducing 9 Marathi women from Greater Vancouver Area who have established themselves in unique professions.Daily 1 episode from October 17th to 25th.
Available on Avishkar Arts Facebook page and  YouTube Channel.
(Aug-Oct 2020) 'Behind The Advertising' is a unique web series  by Sukrut Creations and Avishkar Arts which talks about Advertisements. People involved in ad ( directors, makers, ad agency, musicians, cinematographers and actors) talk about those specific ads.  Its available on YouTube channel of Sukrut Creations.
(July-Aug 2020) SwaraZankar is Classical Music organization.  They came up with Online Classical Music concerts for all music lovers. Avishkar Arts is exclusive  Canadian partner with SwaraZankar Season1. 
(Dec 23, 2017) Gappa Tappa with BhaDiPa - Paula & Sarang
BhaDiPa (Bhartiya Digital Party)  is the first Marathi-language YouTube channel focused on entertainment, with the celebrity roast series “Casting Couch with Amey & Nipun” and the music series “Lokmat Santawaani” among their hits.
They  talked about their journey so far, BhaDiPa journey and future plans of BhaDiPa. Some behind the scenes information from shows.
(May29, 2016) 'Dil Ki Baat' is a purely musical show conducted by well known anchor and actor-director Pushkar Shrotri and a very soulful singer-music director Ajit Parab. This duo runs this show for nearly two and half hours with the help of Hindi-Marathi musical tracks having 70% bollywood songs.
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