Sher Shivraj.png
Sher Shivraj - स्वारी अफजलखान -
Saturday May 07, 2022
Landmark Cinemas,
New Westminster
9:30 AM
Screen #10
Avishkar Arts is a Vancouver based registered society  that brings quality Marathi films and entertainment shows to Canadian audience. Avishkar Arts is started by very passionate and enthusiastic like minded people.

We have been bringing Marathi films to Vancouver since December 2015. We invite artists from India and with the help of other organizers we arrange Canada wide tour. We also provide a platform for local artists to showcase their talent. This activity is well appreciated by Marathi community in Vancouver.

There has been a surge of great quality Marathi films and shows in the recent years that have seen success, both commercially and critically. Avishkar Arts hope to cut across language and cultural barriers by bringing these world class Marathi entertainment.
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