About Us

Welcome to Avishkar Arts Canada, a Vancouver-based organization dedicated to bringing the vibrant world of Marathi entertainment to audiences across Canada. As pioneers in showcasing quality Marathi movies, dramas, and now, online shows, we strive to bridge cultural gaps and celebrate the richness of Marathi culture.

Magician Jitendra Raghuvir recently mesmerized enthusiasts in Canada with an exclusive online crash course, embodying our commitment to offering diverse and engaging content. On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, we proudly present Season 1 of the web series, “Behind The Advertising,” inviting audiences to explore the fascinating world of advertising.

SwaraZankar, our classical music organization, adds a melodic touch to our offerings with captivating online performances. We are not just a platform; we are a cultural experience.

If you’re interested in hosting or sponsoring a program, or if you have suggestions to enhance our offerings, we welcome your collaboration. Contact us at avishkararts.canada@gmail.com to explore exciting possibilities and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Marathi entertainment in Canada.

Join us on this enriching journey of cultural exploration, and let Avishkar Arts Canada be your gateway to the captivating world of Marathi entertainment.

Saurabh Chate: Preserving Marathi Culture in the Heart of Canada

In the heart of Canada, where cultural diversity thrives, there’s a dedicated effort to enrich the lives of the local community by bringing the vibrant and diverse world of Marathi and Hindi arts to the forefront. Avishkar Arts, led by Saurabh Chate, stands as a beacon of this cultural exchange, offering everything from Marathi films to Hindi plays and live musical performances. Saurabh shares his journey, the inspiration behind Avishkar Arts, and the impact of promoting Marathi and Hindi arts in a foreign land. 

The story of Avishkar Arts begins with a profound passion for Marathi theater and films. Saurabh, hailing from Pune, the cultural heart of Maharashtra, grew up enchanted by the world of theater and cinema. Saurabh says,