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Welcome Avishkar Arts

Avishkar Arts is a Vancouver, Canada based organization that brings quality Marathi movies and Marathi/Hindi drama shows to Canadian audience since 2016.

There has been a surge of great quality Marathi movies, Marathi/Hindi drama and live shows in the recent years that have seen success, both commercially and critically. Avishkar Arts hope to cut across language and cultural barriers by bringing these world class entertainment for Vancouver Marathi community.

We bring artists and audience together.

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Jagaat Bhari Stand Up In Canada

BhaDiPa, short for Bhartiya Digital Party, stands as a prominent Marathi YouTube Channel boasting 1.5 million subscribers, along with 1 million followers on Facebook and 740,000 followers on Instagram.


Sarang Sathaye, one of the founders of BhaDiPa, is not only recognized for his role in establishing the channel but also as a widely acclaimed stand-up comedian. His comedic performances resonate deeply with younger audiences, having garnered significant popularity across Maharashtra. Now, Sarang is gearing up for his inaugural Canada-wide tour scheduled for May 2024.


Discounted price for MSBC 2024 members. Check MSBC email.

Reach out to msbcinquiry@gmail.com for details.


Win BhaDiPa T-shirt by entering into lucky draw (only for Vancouver).











Sarang Sathe, a prominent figure in Marathi comedy, gained fame through his involvement with Bhadipa, a renowned comedy collective. “Jagaat Bhari Stand Up In Canada,” organized by Avishkar Arts, showcased Sarang and Bhadipa’s comedic flair on an international platform. Sarang’s wit and Bhadipa’s humor delighted audiences while also promoting Marathi culture globally. The event, a collaborative effort, underscored Sarang’s role as a driving force in the Marathi entertainment scene. Through this initiative, they demonstrated the universal appeal of Marathi comedy, further solidifying their status as trailblazers in the industry.

Avishkar Arts Housefull Shows

Explore the magic of our house-full shows! Immerse yourself in unparalleled entertainment and vibrant experiences. Want to be the first to know about our upcoming shows? Click the “Notify Me” button to receive instant updates and ensure you never miss the excitement. Join us for a journey of unforgettable moments!

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