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Based in Vancouver, Canada, Avishkar Arts enriches the local cultural scene by presenting quality Marathi movies, dramas, and live shows to a diverse Canadian audience. From the uproarious “Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra” to the globally acclaimed “Gappa Tappa with BhaDiPa” and heart-touching “Dil Ki Baat,” we curate an array of live shows.

Amid the surge of successful Marathi cinema and live performances, Avishkar Arts aims to bridge cultural gaps, fostering appreciation for world-class Marathi entertainment. Join us for a unique blend of laughter, emotions, and cultural celebration.

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A Perfect Murder

“A Perfect Murder” stands as a clever reinterpretation of Alfred Hitchcock’s acclaimed classic, “Dial M for Murder.” The play, written by Niranjan Shivaikar and directed by Vijay Kenkare, introduces Niranjan, a former cricketer, who is married to the glamorous socialite Meera. As the narrative unfolds, it becomes apparent that Meera is entangled in an extramarital […]
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