After the success of the TV serial “Dil Dosti Duniyaduri,” the team conceived the idea of a play for youngsters in 2016. An unconventional script was written by Manasvini and directed by Nipun Dharmadhikari. The play was produced by Subak and Kalakarkhana.

“Amar Photo Studio” revolved around the challenges faced by the couple, Apu (played by Suvrat Joshi) and Tanu (originally played by Sakhee Gokhale and later replaced by Parna Pethe). The narrative portrayed their journey in overcoming these dilemmas. The play introduced a series of situations, ranging from humorous to profound, where the actors skillfully took on multiple roles. Amey Wagh played the role of the unconventional owner of Amar Photo Studio and various characters throughout the play. Pooja Thombre and Siddhesh Purkar (later replaced by Sainath) provided strong support to the main characters.

The most captivating element of the narrative was the twist involving time travel and unraveling events. The play featured finely crafted dialogues that provoked thought, elicit reactions, and laughter. The humor level was exceptionally high with add on by the actors.

The background score and music were fantastic, with the innovative use of songs from the 70’s. Tanu’s dance on stage, interacting with the audience, added a refreshing touch. During the role transition from Sakhi Gokhale to Parna Pethe, a surprise moment occured when Parna replaced Sakhi in the middle of a song. Sakhi passed on the baton to Parna, who took the performance to another level. The set and lighting complemented the storyline.

After 7 years, the producers decided to conclude the play in April 2023. I was fortunate to watch it twice, and I thoroughly enjoyed both experiences.


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