Pu La Deshpande and Acharya Atre have secured a lasting place in Marathi-speaking households, their influence resonating for decades. While many recognize them as playwrights renowned for their witty and satirical commentary on society, others identify them as skilled lyricists. However, the depth of their impact goes beyond these surface perceptions.

The production ‘Amhi ani amche baap’ ingeniously weaves together excerpts from their most celebrated plays, intertwining them with performances inspired by their poetry and comedic literary works. Additionally, the presentation incorporates some of their memorable songs, creating a comprehensive experience that is bound to captivate any audience.

This show is not just a mere entertainment; it’s a laughter-packed extravaganza that takes the audience on a journey through the cultural richness of Marathi heritage. Each element of the performance, whether it be the humor derived from their plays or the poignant verses from their poetry, contributes to a holistic and mesmerizing package.

‘Amhi ani amche baap’ is not just about laughter; it’s a celebration of the profound cultural legacy left behind by Pu La Deshpande and Acharya Atre. The show stands as a testament to their versatility, showcasing their ability to seamlessly blend humor, satire, and poetry to create a tapestry that instills pride in the audience for the vibrant Marathi culture.

Atul Parchure, Anand Ingle, and Pushkar Shrotri, along with singer Ajit Parab, have delivered exceptional performances, infusing the play with genuine humor. These talented individuals have collectively contributed to making the production genuinely funny. In essence, their splendid efforts have transformed the play into a laughter-filled and memorable theatrical endeavor.

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