Titled “B.E. Rojgaar,” the series delves into the theme of unemployment. What sets this series apart is its lack of a sympathetic perspective towards the unemployed, and it doesn’t assume viewers to share such sentiments. The show authentically highlights the challenges faced by the unemployed, presenting their plight with sincerity and succeeding admirably in doing so.
Three engineer friends (Papdya, Piyu, and Akshay) are maneuvering through life in Pune City, striving to make a living. Faced with widespread unemployment and a dearth of job opportunities, they opt to explore alternative income sources. Following numerous unsuccessful attempts and their struggles with life’s challenges, a glimmer of hope emerges, demanding dedicated and strenuous effort.

In ‘B.E. Rojgaar,’ renowned actress Sai Tamhankar takes on a role unlike any seen before. Sai portrays ‘Piyu,’ a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Vidarbha in search of employment. Centering on rural life, the series highlights the prevalent gender norms where women are not anticipated to engage in competition with men. As a result, Sai finds herself assigned to kitchen duties while the men deliberate a business proposal. The narrative delves into domestic violence, shedding light on the absurd perspectives held by many individuals. Notably, a woman in the series expresses feeling more liberated as a widow than she did during her marriage, providing a refreshing perspective on this aspect.
Sambhaji Sasane joins her, effortlessly embodying the character of ‘Papdya,’ a mischievous Kolhapuri boy, while Jagdish Kannam skillfully plays the intelligent and intricate character of ‘Akshay.’ Both individuals showcase distinct personalities, and their performances are praiseworthy for the sincerity they bring to their roles. They effortlessly convey the impression that the characters they portray in the series mirror their real-life personas.

Crafted by Sarang Sathaye & Saurabh Shamraj, with the latter also acknowledged for the screenplay and dialogues, the narrative unfolds in a straightforward and familiar world. Sarang Sathaye directed a distinctive narrative, presenting a unique story and concept in an unconventional manner.
A must watch web series for everyone.

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