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“Sunny,” a 2022 Marathi-language drama film helmed by director Hemant Dhome and produced by Akshay Bardapurkar, Kshitee Jog, Viraj Gawas, and Urfi Kazmi, promises to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative. Penned by Irawati Karnik, the screenplay and dialogues are crafted to resonate deeply with viewers.

At the heart of the film is Lalit Prabhakar, portraying the titular character, alongside a talented cast including Kshitee Jog, Chinmay Mandlekar, and Abhishek Deshmukh. As the story unfolds, viewers are taken on a journey through Sunny’s world, exploring themes of love, loss, and redemption.

With Hemant Dhome’s directorial vision and the stellar performances of its cast, “Sunny” is poised to make a significant impact on Marathi cinema, promising an unforgettable cinematic experience for audiences.

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